Monday, December 25, 2006

Great! Government Intervention!

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Collaboration in terms of patent pools and cross-licensing is generally pro-competitive.

The direct involvement of the Ministry of Information and Communications in high-tech patent disputes (covering five areas of patents - GSM mobiles, DMB, RFID/USN, intellegent robots, WiBro), however, is not exactly encouraging for competition given the past role of government agencies in (knowingly or unknowingly) implementing policies that have facilitated cartels.

While the proposal requires further consideration, there may be antitrust concerns with patent settlements and government intervention is unlikely to be appropriate, at first glance anyway.

Why is the KFTC not on the committee?

Also, the transfer (or sale) - the language used is non-specific - of patents to SMEs gives one the distinct impression of stronger government involvement than would meet the eye.

Who knows, "free" licenses of government patents may just start falling from the sky in Korea...

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